Android Apps for Absolute Beginners (1st edition)

Read on 2011-11-26


Wallace Jackson
Kindle (ISBN 9781430234463)

This book taught me everything I wanted to know about Android programming, and, most importantly, about practical Java.

While studying at EFREI, and being given mathematics-related assignments (statistics, linear algebra) in which a computer proof was required, I thought it would be more interesting, more fun, to make Android apps.

I knew the basics of object-oriented programming, I knew the basics of Java. This book helped me gradually discover the Android SDK and how Android components interact with each other.

This was an interesting read as a beginner. However, two things really put me off:

  1. I didn’t like the writing style—always going into great details, instead of focusing on simplicity.
  2. The obligation to download the author’s code to follow the lessons—I would rather create more simple applications (as a beginner), than trying to achieve the same result as the author.

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