How to setup Parity at 42

This article is a quick how-to about setting up a local Ethereum node on our size-constrained macOS sessions at school.

Installation instructions

  1. Following the official instructions, start off by installing Parity using Homebrew:

    brew tap paritytech/paritytech
    brew install parity
  2. Modify (or create) ~/Library/Application\ Support/io.parity.ethereum/config.toml:

    chain = "ropsten"
    base_path = "/goinfre/io.parity.ethereum"
    db_compaction = "hdd"
  3. Make sure the aforementioned directory exists for Parity to store its contents on:

    mkdir /goinfre/io.parity.ethereum
  4. Add Parity to brew services:

    brew services start paritytech/paritytech/parity

Additional information

  • Use Parity in your browser by visiting
  • Frameworks like Embark or Truffle communicate with the blockchain using a protocol called JSON-RPC.
  • Managing Parity through brew services is convenient: it will run at startup, sync to the Ropsten blockchain by default (following our config file), and provide a JSON-RPC interface on port 8545.
  • In your browser, you can ask MetaMask to use whichever blockchain Parity is running (per your settings) by selecting “Localhost 8545”.

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